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OMG, this place is fantastic. We stayed for a few days and it was not nearly enough. There are so many unique things in the house that make it so different from any other house we have stayed at. The hot tub is enormous and was great to help unwind before bedtime, and the fireplace was also nice to use on those cold winter nights. The kitchen has all the essentials to make the place feel like home for those days when you want to cook a nice meal. There are 6 bedrooms, and all very clean and comfortable. A very relaxing winter getaway. It must be even more beautiful in the summer. We definitely would love to go back at some point. Robin

I had an exceptional experience at the House of Cool. The pictures don’t do enough justice for this place. I stayed the weekend for a bachelor party and couldn’t have asked for a better time. Coordination and accommodations with staff was smooth. Would definitely go back again. Eric

We had a great three day weekend stay here. There's always something new to discover within the halls of this house. Paul

Adeline's House of Cool is one of the best Wisconsin Vacation Rentals around – especially when looking for a vacation rental near Chicago. There is so much to do and so much to see in this vacation rental. Adeline's House of Cool is a magical place that will keep you walking around for hours looking at all the interesting decorations and wondering where everything came from. If you're looking a a really nice retreat or a fun Wisconsin vacation rental near Chicago this is definitely a place you have to see and experience. Remit